Flap Badges

Flap badges are usually located towards the rear of the flap in the space between the stirrup loop and the bottom edge of the skirt, thus preventing interference with the riders leg. They can also be located towards the front edge of the saddle above the knee roll and below the bottom edge of the skirt.  Depending on the size, they are secured using either one or two rivet fittings (stem and cap). Simply make one or two 3mm diameter pilot holes in the flap, locate the stems into the holes, put the caps onto the stems and tap them down with a small metal hammer to secure. No special tools required.

We can manufacture these badges with either 5mm, 7mm or 9mm long stems to ensure a perfectly secure fit with any thickness of leather.

As with all our metal products, we design these badges to your individual specification and they are available in a comprehensive range of metal finishes and enamel colours.

These badges are also suitable for use on a wider range of leather work products if desired.