Bridle Badges

Bridle Badges are usually located on the return of the brow band. They are secured using a rivet fitting (stem and cap). Simply make a 3mm diameter pilot hole in the return, locate the stem into the hole, put the cap onto the stem and tap it down with a small metal hammer to secure. No special tools required.

We can manufacture these bridle badges with either 5mm, 7mm or 9mm long stems to ensure a perfectly secure fit with any thickness of leather.

As with all our metal products, we design these badges to your individual specification and they are available in a comprehensive range of metal finishes and enamel colours.

These badges are also suitable for use on a wider range of leather work products if desired.


  • Any shape or size
  • Soft enamel colouring
  • Comprehensive range of metal finishes
  • Free design service
  • Made in the UK